Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: The Rose Society

The Rose Society The Rose Society by Marie Lu
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love The Rose Society more than The Young Elites.
To be honest, I kinda forgot everything that happened on the first book, they just came rushing to my head the moment I started reading this. SO WEIRD! AND PRETTY COOL!

*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.

• So Adelina was exiled by the Dagger Society because they blamed her for Enzo’s death. Which I did too… understandable.
Now, Adelina with her younger sister, Violet, are on a mission to find other Elites and form their own crew and help her to dethrone/defeat the newly crowned Queen Guiletta, who is Enzo’s sister and Teren’s lover. (I HATE HER. AND TEREN.)

• It’s weird… I just kept on thinking asking myself, ‘who is the REAL hero of this story?’
You have to admit all them are villains. They all did despicable things. Despicable that I would say, they are pretty much unforgivable. I think that’s what makes this series different from the others.

• The cliffhanger… which I think, really, is Raffaele’s.
The one about the bones… It’s a big question mark. What about the others?
And if what he thinks is true… THERY ARE DOOM. FUCKED.

• CHARACTERS (that mattered):
o Adelina –THE WHITE WOLF –Illusionist
There are some moments that she’s so kickass & tough, I want to cheer her.
Then those softer moments like when she sees the very much alive ____ and when she’s scared. I just feel it. Marie Lu did a great job creating this character.
I’m not sure if she’s a Young Elite or something (I will talk about that later). I think she is because Magiciano can copy her.
o Magiciano –MIMIC
He’s so cool! Too bad he’s so hung up with Adelina. Which I think they are going to end up together. Because you know the other guy is dead. Technically. (In my heart, I think he’s not REALLY coming back.)
Adelina is a GRADE A bitch and it’s just I don’t understand his affection towards her.
o Raffaele –THE MESSENGER –he can heal and brings comfort to others
It’s hard to understand what he’s thinking or speculate his next move. His parts were cut off.

• Back to Violetta…
I just have this gut feeling of, I think she’s a different kind of Young Elite. MAYBE, there are kinds of Young Elites. Where Adelina is more of a villain… let’s just say she’s DARK, Violetta is LIGHT. I don’t think her powers can harm an ordinary people compare to others.


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