Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: November 9

November 9 November 9 by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“What if we meet up again next year on the same day? And the year after that? We’ll do it for five years. Same date, same time, same place. We’ll pick up where we left off tonight, but only for the day…”

Of all the books Collen Hoover that I’ve read, November 9 is probably my least favorite.
It was so good, yes, one of the best this year. But it’s not that good compare to her other books.

*MC’s Corner*

• Everything went very fast, obviously duh. We only have a glimpse of what happens every November nine. The anticipation was fun, but I have no idea what happened the whole year, just that day, hence the title. And I don’t know what I am complaining but yeah, you can slap me. *girn*

• But really, what I’m saying is it lacks a bit of support. Most of the things were IN YOUR FACE TAKE THAT SCENE. You know? I want to be pissed off with him because… but I can’t because I don’t know the whole story.

• Then the big secret... I’m not a fan of that part.

• There’s a good part… Ben is a writer and the manuscript he gave to Fallon and then she reads it. I love that part, it’s a killer! *thumbs up*

• Another good thing, it was pretty memorable. And you can tell your friends about it without spoiling anything.



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