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Review: Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water Thicker Than Water by Brigid Kemmerer
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I am auto-approved by Kensington son yeah… I got the ARC of Brigid Kemmerer’s new book Thicker Than Water!

I love it!

At first, I said, ‘A non-paranormal/supernatural book by Brigid Kemmerer? Hmm… that’s interesting.’
Then halfway through the book… it was like the whole world (in the book) flipped suddenly.

*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.

• I can’t talk about what happened halfway through because that would TOTALLY SPOIL the whole story.
Don’t worry it was good. I didn’t expect it.

• The story started in a funeral. Thomas Bellweather’s mum’s funeral. She was murdered. The thing is, everyone thinks he did it. But Thomas loves him mother very much.
So who killed his mum?
Then there’s Charlotte (the annoying slut, my opinion), I think she just made Thomas life complicated. I don’t know, I think she’s got the negative to Tommy’s positive magnet. She just kept on bugging him. And they can’t seem to stay away from each other.
The problem, Charlotte is from a family of cops.
Since Thomas was the ‘prime suspect’ of his mum’s murder, again, according to everyone. You can add up that math.

• I am really not good at writing mystery books reviews… always spoil that much. So let’s keep this thing short.
READ THIOS BOOK. You are going to love it! Duh! It’s written by Brigid Kemmerer, in my opinion she never disappoints.


o COVER: It’s quite catchy.
My favorite from this author.
o GENRE: Mystery, Thriller, Romance & Paranormal.
o CHARACTERS: The characters had different personalities. Even the minor ones. I never mistook one character for the other. (Which btw happens a lot with other books.)
 The twist is the best part.
 The start of the story I think, is very powerful and will get your attention in no time.
 The mystery, thrill, romance and the supernatural part… divided and balanced equally. I can tell where what is. Good Job!
 Memorable scenes. I said I know what is what. So that’s given. The book is pretty memorable.
The backdrop is just per-fect. (I said that per-fect with my eyes on the back of my head.) Wahaha
o MARKET: Since there is the car scene (you know?) its teenagers and up.
I don’t know why or how… it’s just I just can’t. Maybe I should pound my head to the table.
o READ IT AGAIN? Yes. Probably. *grin*

• This review is short enough right?!

ARC provided by KENSINGTON BOOKS (KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP.) & NetGalley in exchange of honest review. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Expected publication: December 29th 2015 by Kensington Books


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