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Review: Bluescreen

Bluescreen Bluescreen by Dan Wells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, if I compare it to Partials, which is btw one of my all time fave series. I have to say Bluescreen was a bit disappointing, only if I compare them.
But honestly, I liked it. It’s a good concept and the ‘think forward/ futuristic’ was waaay forward. It’s like the ‘future’ we think/on movies on steroids.

James Dashner’s Eye of Minds meets Alex London’s Proxy. And the dauntless simulation part of Veronica Roth’s Divergent

*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.

• The Cover is so cool!
At first I really thought that this is one of those cyborg books. The thing is, it is a cyborg book, kinda, but the mood or the way it was written (since it was the future-on-steroids) it felt natural. Just the way they are, the people in the story lived with cyborgs all their lives. I mean they don’t discriminate or make them feel like outcasts. And to be clear the story is not about the cyborgs. It’s just the protagonist.

• Bluescreen –it is some sort of drug but doesn’t really contain any drugs. It is some kind of software that people illegally buy then they inject them into their ‘djinnis,’(which is btw the ‘everything’ for the most people there it’s their phone, computer, credit card, key to their houses and etc.) then they feel ‘an overwhelming sensory rush, an unbelievable high, and then boom.’ That was what Anja said. Little do they know, there is actually a side effect on using these things.

• I just wrote this review like a month after I finished reading Bluescreen. It’s almost like fresh in my head. I read every day and if the book is next to boring I probably would forget it. So this being ‘fresh in my head’ I think, deserves some plus points.

• It’s my gut feel that tells me that most people would probably quit or will not finish reading Bluescreen. It’s kinda long. I mean especially those who are not that massive fan of YA books. I am a fan of Dan Wells and I belive its going to end up good so… I continued reading and finished this thing. Turns out it was really good. And it would be a mistake if you opened this thing and not finish it. BIG MISTAKE.

• My arms are tired right now… *wiggle* *wiggle* *wiggle*

• Memorable scenes… there’s a lot of them. Though I think… well I’m pretty sure my fave one is when they play. It was so cool.

• It was very detailed. It makes it more believable and makes it feel that you are actually in there.
I also liked the ‘control’ between the fantasy and the reality part. There are ‘fantasy’ problems and of course the reality.

• #IWISH there’s some illustrations. I think that would be so kickass! And it will help the reader not to make ‘some assumptions of imagination’ inside their heads.
AND if there is I’m going to give this thing a 10star rating on goodreads. (LOL. )

• The market… I don’t think kids will enjoy it that much, because it’s too long. Teenagers and up is appropriate.
And the SCI/FI would love it too.

ARC provided by Balzer + Bray ( HarperCollins Publishers) & Edelweiss in exchange of honest review. Thank you!


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