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Review: The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kiera Cass’ ‘The Selection’ meets the JUNGLE? LOL and… Frankenstein?.
I thought it’s going to be a fairy/fae book.
Well, I didn’t get the tagline at first but when I got deep in the story… that’s when I realize what it is. And then the excitement just went up a notch.

*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.
• I kinda looking for more action… although there are enough of them.

• I felt like the romance part–if there’s any–was in fact forced.
Especially those kissing parts… ugh! But to be honest, they do have some chemistry going on.

• I love how I can differentiate one character to the other. Plus points for that! *thumbs up*

• The fantasy part of it… the magic/Lashed Ones, I think it’s unique. But the thing is we–readers–don’t have a solid idea of what they really are. Hopefully we’ll see more of them on the next book. Because I’m definitely reading it.

• Cliffhanger… it wasn’t that much exciting.

• Twists… I don’t get. Why would she do that?! It doesn’t make any sense, her being the traitor. Grrrr.

• The backdrop… first I wrote on the note it doesn’t give me the ‘historical vibe’ and it lacks class and sophistication, and then I realized that is not the way it was written. It turns out it’s a ‘new generation’ so it made lots of sense and made it more believable. Though I think it need a timeline or an exact year.

• Market … I recommend it for everyone. I think it’s okay for the children.

There’s a great beast lurking around the kingdom of Eurona and its killing people every single day. The king did everything he can do; no one in his kingdom can kill this great beast. King Clark has no choice but to find an alternative solution to save his kingdom.
He issued a ‘proclamation’ that the one who ever kill this great beast will win the hand of his eldest daughter, Princess Aerity.

• How do I pronounce her name?

• Memorable scene/s…
Well... weeks after I read it the first thing/scene comes to mind when I see the title or cover is the cliffhanger. Maybe I think that was the best part.
It’s like when you think of Pittacus Lore’s ‘Fall of Five’ you I see the cover/title all I can think of is Sam suddenly can use telekinesis. No matter how great the first parts of it.

• Well reading this whole review... it looks like I have too many gripes on this book… Well… I just have too many things to say about it, unlike other book I can barely write a whole sentence.

• Tiern vs. Kaiden Rowe
The sexy drummer is one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends… so I’m sorry to say that Tiern is not even close.

• The cover… I almost forgot.
I don’t get it. Seriously.
And honestly speaking you guys MUST change it.

ARC provided by HarperTeen (HarperCollins Publishers) & Edelweiss in exchange of honest review. Thank you!


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