Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Tap

Tap Tap by Georgia Cates
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tap (A Lovibond Novel #1)
by Georgia Cates [REVIEW]

I really loved the story of Tap and Lawry but everytime I think about this book, the first thing comes to my head is how much I hate the cover. I’m sorry. Everything except the cover is purr-ffffectt.

*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.

• This is new… a series about business partners. Three book in a series with three different main characters. Hmmm… If this thing went to 3 business partner fell in love with three 3 friends… let’s just say I am not going to be very happy about it. I mean if this series is about Lawry and her gang falling in love with three business partners…
So yeah, I am crossing my fingers for that to not happen.

• Honestly, if I did not read the blurb I would think Lawrence was a guy. Ha!

• Sadly… Tap ( Lucas Broussard) doesn’t have the quality of Jack Henry McLachlan I loved very much.
But still good and fun story. I enjoyed it. I just have this ‘thing’ that I like comparing them to the previous series characters I loved from author’s previous works.


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