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Review: Kick Push

Kick Push Kick Push by Jay McLean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.

• It’s been… a looong time since a book made me ‘feel’. It made me cry, happy, angry and frustrated.

• Honestly, I’m okay with not reading the (coming) second book. This is so good.
Though, if the second book has some good reviews I might. But I really feel like the story is done to me. I don’t want more. I’m happy how it ended.

• The story is really good, although I think the writing should level up a bit. I mean… it that powerful for me. I didn’t say the writing is not good… I said it should level up. *grin*


o Joshua–I admit the first part did it to me. I LOVE IT!
I shed a few tears. It’s like watching a movie. The one playing Joshua deserves an Oscar.
When I think of this book, that’s the first scenes that comes to my head.
DAMN! It’s so heartbreaking.
Joshua’s childhood is not bad. It’s almost perfect, he had loving parents, and they supported him on his passion–skating, he’s a god on skating world–and of course a girlfriend who loves him and his best friend.
At sixteen, Joshua got his gf preggers. Then after they told his parents, they kick him out. So they went to her parents… all is okay, they survived the labor. At seventeen, Joshua had a son. One day, the gf left. Joshua and his son, Tommy got kicked out from the gf’s parents’ house. A-HOLES!

o Becca–you can check all my reviews on goodreads and you’ll see that if the character on books had demons and shady past. Most of them, I get irritated. No offense with these people… But on books… ugh! They act so so… and it turns out it not that shady. It’s not believable.
Surprisingly, that not the case here… maybe because her demons… are hardcore or something… it makes me sympathize. The whole time I was reading, I keep on asking, what is wrong with her?! Its frustrating but I want to know the answer.
Describe her, hmm… because of an accident from her past she can’t ‘over speak’… speak too much… She likes taking photos and she craves man’s touch and repel on other touch. And yeah… I think there’s a shrink inside her.

o Tommy–he is Josh’s son. He’s so cute! I wanna met him. *grin*

o Chazarae–she’s the one who helped the father and son. Well I just want to thank her.

o Natalie–she is Tommy’s mum and Josh’s ex. The one who left them.
I understand her reasons for leaving them… But coming back like everything is fine is just… UGH!
What an effing bitch!
• The part where Joah and his dad reconcile… well and the part where Josh trying to reconcile with his dad. One of the best parts. LOVE IT! *thumbs up*


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