Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant [ARC Review]

GOODREADS SUMMARY: Michael Grant, author of the New York Times bestselling Gone series, has created a powerful and brilliant narrative that examines the nature of good and evil in every human.

Mara wakes in a field of dead grass, a heavy mist pressing down on her. She is terrified, afraid that she is dead. Then a beautiful young man dressed in black appears. He calls himself Messenger of Fear.

This boy is able to move effortlessly through space and time. He also sees the darkness in human hearts. He sees the evils done: the destructive lies, the cruelty, the bullying, the violence. And if the world does not bring justice to those who do evil, he will. He offers the wicked a game. If they win, they go free. If they lose, they will live their greatest fear. Either way, their sanity will be challenged.

It is a world of fair but harsh justice. Of retribution and redemption. And mystery. Why was Mara chosen to be the Messenger’s apprentice? What has she done to deserve this terrible fate? She won’t find out until three of the wicked receive justice. And when she does, she will be shattered.

Ooh!!! This is good. *thumbs up*
Messenger of Fear is a book you won’t appreciate till you finish it.
I think this YA book is intended for adult readers, not for teenagers. (No offense, it’s just what I think.)

*MC’s Corner*
Note: Spoilers.
  • The very first part is creepy and confusing. Confusing in a way you’ll ask some questions.
  • Okay, I said awhile ago that is book is intended for mature readers. The way Michael Grant describes every details is of something impeccable, it’ll draw perfectly and gory in your mind. There are so parts that are sooooo gruesome and horrible for young minds. Especially the Messenger’s game. *shiver*
  • Is there is sequel? I don’t think there is… why? Because I really like how it ends. BUT my gut says there is… why? Why do Messenger needs to explain (and say all the names) those Heptarchy gods? And what the sense of having Oriax and Derek?  Hmmm I am intrigue.
  • Oh… I think mentioning bj is not for young minds too. *wahaha*

  • What is this Messenger’s game?
    This is where the fun (not really. Ha ha) starts. *evil laugh*
    So if Messenger found you doing/done something wicked, he’ll offer you a game.
    “If you win the game, you will both go free to consider what you have done. If you lose the game, you will suffer your greatest fear.”
    This game is not just game. (I can’t say it was worse than the Hunger Games, kinda, but it’s not that kind of game.) I can’t describe the game because there weren’t many in the book (I wish they are, not really. They’re so bloody disgusting and will make you stomach flip. UGH!)
  • Oh by the way if you refuse to play, technically you’ll lose, and you must pay the consequence. 
    See the tag line in the cover???
    So yeah… don’t let the messenger find you.
    Do something bad… HE’LL CATCH YOU!

 ARC provided by Katherine Tegen Books & Edelweiss in exchange of honest review.  Thank you!


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