Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Unforgiven

Unforgiven Unforgiven by Lauren Kate
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*MC’s Corner*

• It’s a lil bit weird for me.
You know that I love that this book is Cam’s but his girl’s name is Lillith.
It threw me off, truthfully. It just that it’s hard for me to love that character when her names denotes to demon. (No offense for those who actually has this name, but it true.)
I’ve read a couple of Nephilim books and they mostly have an evil character named Lillith.

• The whole vibe that this book gave me while reading it is so heavy. So sad and depressing. (A good thing for the author, because you succeeded with that.)

• I think the concept was good. The challenges Cam faced are really challenging, not only he has to make her (not saying her name again) fall in love with him, again, in fifteen days, he’s also has to survive school and the changes that is happening to his physical form. It was s good that, when I think of that, it was so clear inside my head. I’m grinning right now… I don’t know why. I must be mad.

• Let’s talk about Luce and Daniel… really?! OhMyGosh! That so so sad and… beautiful.


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