Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Ninth Life of Louis Drax by Liz Jensen [Review]


Goodreads Summary: Louis Drax is a boy like no other. He is brilliant and strange, and every year something violent seems to happen to him. On his ninth birthday, Louis goes on a picnic with his parents and falls off a cliff. The details are shrouded in mystery. Louis's mother is shell-shocked; his father has vanished. And after some confusion Louis himself, miraculously alive but deep in a coma, arrives at Dr. Pascal Dannachet's celebrated coma clinic…Full of astonishing twists and turns, this is a masterful tale of the secrets the human mind can hide. 

…the boy came back to life, two hours after being pronounced officially dead.

I’m never been a fan of this genre in a book. I mean NEVER.
Not until I was reading my Glamour Magazine. There’s an interview there, of Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) and there’s a ‘On Their Future’ thingy and Jamie answered “I’m filming The
9th Life of Louis Drax.” So yeah! I got curious and I found out its based on a book… *grin*
(Glamour 2015 Pg. 275)

It was so good! Few days after I finished reading it, I’m still ‘feeling’ it. It was a BOOK HUNGOVER. *thumbs up*
It kept me up all night, I finished it past midnight… 

*MC’s Corner* 

Note: Spoilers.

• First, thanks to this book I think I’m going to start reading books with this kind of genre. I’m kinda excited, I don’t know why.

• It was a slow paced with alternating point of view of Louis Drax & Dr. Pascal Dannachet. 
It wasn’t always on the same timeline. Sometimes Louis is on the present sometimes he’s just recalling his past. I kinda love how it was written. I love the interview style of telling a story.

• At first I thought this book is some sort of paranormal-thingy. But then the story goes on… I realized it’s mostly a ‘fantasy’ that a nine year old boy came up. I really didn’t know what to think then. 

• Liz Jensen captured the spirit of a nine year old boy. It was just amazing. I love it everytime Louis parts come up.

• There are some scenes that are so predictable. But you know what? It makes it even greater. Then I have this feeling that I-know-what-is-going-to-happen-next but still feeling the mystery that I still want and trying to solve.

• I love the way it ended. It’s just perfect!

Published January 10th 2006 by Bloomsbury USA


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