Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aftermath (After the Fall) by Tom Lewis [Review]

★★★★★GOODREADS SUMMARY: The end of the world came fast. Between the time the warning had sounded on the TV, till when 16-year-old Paige O’Connor awakened sometime later, civilization had been crushed. 

The attacks had come by “them” – those things in the ships in the sky that had appeared suddenly, and without warning.

And as Paige would soon discover, the attacks had only been the beginning.

Aftermath is the first book in the new After the Fall dystopian action series, which follows a young girl’s struggle for survival in the wake of civilization’s collapse, and humanity’s domination by an alien race of beings.

First, I wanna say thank you to Tom Lewis for giving me a copy of this book. I really appreciate it! Thank you so much for the trust!

Now the book,

Surprisingly, it was good.
It was kinda short though.
What I like on my YA books are longer, but even though this one is short it worked.

I think this book is perfect for those who are travelling and those just chilling out. *thumbs up*

*MC's Corner* 
Note: Spoilers.

• The story/concept is brilliant. I like it.

• I love the way the story started. It was fun, action-filled and gory! So awesome!

• The way it was written is very simple. There's not much detailing, everything was straight forward.

• I think the concept is original, but as the same time its not that fresh. Its a book you can read if you’re extremely bored and you dont have anything to do or you dont have any other book that you wish to read.

• I like the book; I finished it after three and a half hours of reading.

• There are some elements of this book that reminds me of some YA books.
• There were like those scenes on these books were compiled together. It should be a bad thing but it’s really not. Im not feeling bitchy right now so I'm kinda kind, so yeah. *grin*

• I kinda have a little issue on Paige O'Connor's expertise on handling those (I think) high powered firearms (gosh! I dont know anything about guns.) It was kinda hard to believe. Yeah she has some background... blah blah blah. Now Im bitchy. O.O

• Is there a book two or something?



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